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MCFC Aim, Vision, & Philosophy


To develop youth soccer players at all levels of play in a positive, challenging, learning environment.

Grassroots Soccer (Ages 5-11) 
To introduce and instill an overall enjoyment for the game through a balance of technical development to aid in their overall comfort level of the ball; social interaction and chemistry in actively training with other players.  Playing soccer and soccer related games in a fun, active, positive training environment. 

Competitive Teams (Ages 8-18)
Under a common curriculum aimed at the longevity of player development - To develop youth soccer players and teams at all levels of play to reach their potential as well-rounded player soccer players. 

With teams & players at multiple levels of play & experience - the aim is to continue to learn & play the game for the overall enjoyment of playing with their team & club-mates; to continue to progress to successfully compete at the highest level of youth soccer;  
And, to provide a path for additional opportunities outside & beyond their club through PDP, College, or Professional - the aim is to continue to develop players at all levels, to instill a lifelong joy for the game.  


To establish and maintain a successfully competitive youth soccer program at all levels of play.

To be a home for players to develop players to be well-rounded at all aspects of the game; for teams to have the confidence to play in possession to unbalance mindset to create our goal-scoring opportunities; while still keeping sight on our transition to defend individually & collectively, as a detailed and organized group.
To create, sustain, and evolve a solid foundation through our Coaching Directors, Coaching Staff, Board, and Club Volunteers - enabling our program to maintain an organized, efficient, & consistent program for our community. 
To be a positive constant presence in our community & NorCal Premier - in higher-level player, team, & soccer club development with a professional coaching staff with a collective goal of progressing the Player, Club, and Team.


To instill, maintain, & evolve a curriculum allowing players to grow through our program. Valuing the long-term player growth enabling a continued success in games, events, & seasons of play.  To create a life-long joy and passion to train, play, and support the game of soccer. 

To be a consistent foundation, instilling a joy and passion for practice & play for our Players, Families, & Staff.


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