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Monterey Surf Soccer Club FAQ (July 2020)

What will the name of the club be?
In year 1, the name will continue to be Monterey Surf Soccer Club with the intention in year 2 to change to Monterey County Surf Soccer Club to reflect the blending and contributions of both clubs and to ensure the histories of both great clubs are represented in the program going forward.

When does this change take effect?
Monterey County Futbol Club will officially merge with Monterey Surf on July 1, 2020 to coincide with 2020-2021 tryouts.

Why is Monterey County Futbol Club and Monterey Surf merging?
Both organizations feel that a combination of resources and operations can provide a better and more comprehensive experience for kids in Monterey County. The combined club is committed to providing opportunities from recreational to competitive level play including hosting tournaments.  The level is on par, or exceeds, any experience that can be found by traveling to San Jose.  The merger allows the new Monterey Surf to offer a clear pathway from recreational soccer to college for our local youth athletes.

This merger does not change our relationship with Surf Sports. Surf Sports aligns us with the most influential organization in youth soccer in the US, outside of MLS and US Soccer itself. Being a Surf partner provides our families with greater access to some of the most important tournaments annually, including Surf Cup, Surf College Showcase and Man City Cup, and gives us an inside track on developing “National Programming” here in Monterey County.

The relationship with Surf Sports provides additional pathways for our players to grow and develop among their peers at other Surf affiliated clubs as part of Surf Select teams, ID camps and other unique development events.

The Surf brand will grow our own development content, including more robust college weekend events, more varied Summer and Winter break programming, and continuing education for our coaching staff.

Do you have local support from coaches? 

We have over 7 local area high school coaches on staff, Monterey Peninsula College and Cal-State Univ Monterey Bay at the new Monterey County SURF.  With the programs through SURF Nation, we have elite player pathways on a regional, national and international basis. In addition, we still have access to PDP, ODP and other similar talent identification programs.

How will players' positions on teams be determined?

Monterey SURF has one of the most comprehensive curricula in all of Northern California, and it includes a very detailed process of player movement. There are objective metrics that player placement is based upon and each coach and player will be well educated on what metrics carry the primary weight at each stage of development.  Although movement doesn’t always happen this quick, player placement status is re-evaluated every 2 weeks throughout the year so that when a change is warranted, we are able to make the adjustment in a timely manner. 

How will coaching assignments be determined?

Brett Rosenberger (UEFA B; MSc), the Monterey SURF Director of Coaching, will decide all assignments and coaches will be placed based upon their current abilities, their educational and objectives established by the staff. Through the remaining part of the summer, both staffs will be interacting to get to know each other, the curriculum and methodology and to solidify long-term objectives. Both organizations feel the collective coaching staff delivering a European Academy caliber curriculum is going to be our biggest advantage for young soccer players in all of Monterey County, making us the premier destination for player and coach development.

Will Board level leadership positions be merged?

Yes, we have agreed to incorporate both boards in entirety for an interim period as we will need all positions in order to complete the merger effectively.  The initial board officers will be:

Troy Grande, President

Michael Belter, Vice President

Scott Hirschfield, Secretary

Christian Ramos, Treasurer

A new board structure, to include a hybridization of both boards will be presented and voted on by the membership within the first 2 years.  In addition, efficiencies are already being explored between administration and marketing efforts and our committees are making great progress.

Will our field locations change?

Spaces are being evaluated between both clubs and all of those are influenced a little differently with everything going on with the coronavirus epidemic.  Collectively, we will have access to multiple school and public facilities between Marina, Seaside, Monterey and Carmel.  As the parameters from the county health department are clarified, the exact locations for training will be determined with considerations for everyone’s convenience between the two current programs.

What league will we be participating in?

We currently plan on playing in NorCal Premier, NPL and possibly some academy level matches through our Surf Partnerships. Tournament selection reflects the ability and challenge needed for each team.  

For teams Silver and lower, most tournaments will be within 1-2 hours maximum.  

For teams Gold, Premier and NPL, tournaments can be both regional, southern California or national (like Las Vegas, AZ, CO or TX).  

Through Surf Select, PDP, ODP, players can also earn playing opportunities regionally, nationally or internationally.  Furthermore, we have the ability to tap into international individual or team experiences through our DOC primarily into Europe, S America and Asia.

Will our players train 2x or 3x per week?

All teams will train in line with their commitment level. Some will train twice per week and some will be three times a week.  We will discuss with the staff if the 3rd night will be an additional team training session or a position specific lesson to get into the finer details of each position.  If we do the position specific model, the 3rd night will be available to all players, regardless of which level their team currently competes at.

What is the vision for player development?

Our curriculum is based in Total Football, a philosophy made famous in the 70’s Dutch teams and continued through programs like Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Ajax. The focus is to develop the soccer brain (an item often cited as missing in typical American development) and to maximize each quality supporting that goal at specified times in the child’s development. 

Just as with these top youth academies in the world, the focus is on skill development and problem-solving skills typically to age 15, an intentional exposure to a variety of systems and playing styles between ages 14 - 16 and a focus on bringing it all together to compete after the age of 16. This puts us on par with many of the top centers in the world for youth development.

Do we have a specific Goal Keeper (GK) curriculum and dedicated staff?

Each week, GKs of all ages should expect to have a position-specific training session integrated into the framework of their team-training.  They will step aside to the GK staff and work on their position specific lessons and integrate back into their team training that same evening. This methodology in the US has produced 6 US Youth National Team Selections, countless college selections and over 5 professional selections in the last 6 years.

What can we, as a family, expect?

You can expect the most comprehensive development knowledge and platform in Northern California.  

You can expect to know what objective metrics are the top priority for your child at any time, and how those metrics factor into their personal development and evaluation.  

You can expect feedback on your athlete’s progress 2x per season (4 times annually) detailing areas they are doing well, average or struggling with and specific recommendations for how to address individually.  

You can expect guidance on college recruiting when the time comes.  This includes exposure to SURF Select, PDP and ODP as recommended in addition to other regional, national and international opportunities. 

You can expect coaches to operate much more like teachers delivering a specified component of an overall education in coordination.  

You can expect your child to interact with different players, different challenges, and different coaches to maximize your athlete’s development.  The ability to adjust and adapt is a huge quality of a successful footballer and your child will have the opportunity to develop those social and learning skills across a range of scenarios.

Are there any special considerations for previously MCFC players to help them transition and accelerate their understanding of the player curriculum and how to succeed in it?

Absolutely. This is one of our top priorities as we want a fully competitive environment.  Part of that will include an initial bridge program to accelerate their exposure to and understanding of how to be successful in the program going forward.  Parts of this can start this summer for those interested and will be led by our DOC Brett Rosenberger, both online and on the field (once cleared).  We fully expect a true blending of players over time and part of our coaches’ responsibility is to manage each player’s individual development zone. For those most motivated, that means a bridge program starting virtually immediately.

Will my club of team fees change?

Both organizations have already done a comprehensive review of fees, expenditures and overall operating budget. There are some differences, but thus far, both sides consider the differences to be negligible in all cases.  Overall fees are very similar and so very little change will be seen for members of either organization.

Are there any differences in the registration process?

Monterey SURF currently operates on an annual calendar commitment (10 months from August to May), typically playing a fall, winter and spring league (with summer optional).  This is consistent with NorCal Premier’s guidelines for clubs and on par with the teams we compete with regularly. Payments are scheduled in typically 3 or less installments and a scholarship fund is available.

Will we be getting new uniforms for the 2020-2021 season?

Part of our partnership with San Diego Surf and Nike require us to all play and train in approved Nike kits. These are high quality kits, in a matching uniform to the nationally recognized SURF brand, and is a key practical part of one of the great aspects of SURF Nation and that is the ability to blend and compete with other SURF teams (whom all wear the same uniform).

Will you have an information session to answer any questions?

Yes. We will host Town Hall meetings to answer questions and give families an opportunity to hear from MCFC and Monterey Surf leaders about why we believe this partnership is very good news for our players and families.

Thank you again for your support and we are very excited about our new direction. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

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