Information for Referees

Game lengths (all with 10-minute half-time) :

U8 - U10 = 2 x 25 minutes (size 4 ball)
U11 = 2x 30 min (size 4 ball)
U12 = 2x 30 min (Size 4 ball; Spring U12 may use size 5 ball if both teams agree)
U13 & 14 = 2x 35 minutes
U15 & U16: 2x 40 min
U17 and up: 2x 45 minutes
Send-Off Reporting - Referees KEEP THE MATCH CARD, NOT THE PLAYER PASS! Be sure to verify the player id number before returning the player pass.
Player passes must be returned to the coach after the player id number is verified and recorded on the matchcard.
Each match Card will indicate whether match is NorCal Premier or CYSA/CCSL. The match card will show the game number, event id, and event PIN number, all of which are required to report sendoffs using gotsoccer.

NorCal Premier League Send-off Reporting

CCSL/CYSA Sendoff Reporting using got soccer