Breakers MCFC Competitive Teams

Breakers Academy and Breakers MCFC

Players under Breakers MCFC have two levels of soccer to consider - Breakers Academy and Breakers MCFC.


Breakers Academy is our most competitive soccer program. It is an 11-month commitment per year, where players agree to play only soccer and no other outside sports. Starting at the U12 level, players have 3 training a week (2 in Santa Cruz and 1 in Monterey), at least one game a week and participate in regional tournaments.

Tryouts are at the beginning of each summer.

Breakers Academy is part of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy. For more info: US Development Academy


Breakers MCFC is the development club for Breakers Academy. The goal of Breakers MCFC is to develop players of all levels. There are no cuts, but players are placed based on their skill set and ability. Throughout a season, players are assessed and often promoted up and down based on their development and needs. Depending on enrollment, Breakers MCFC will have multiple teams in a age group allowing for an 'Elite' team and a 'Development' team.

Breakers MCFC has two season, Fall and Spring. Each season is a 10-game season and includes two trainings per week, as well as one tournament per season. There is no restrictions in participating in school sports at the same time.

Breakers MCFC teams are registered in US Soccer Club, NorCal Premier and California Youth Soccer.